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Sevilla Walking Tour

What’s a walking tour?
The walking tour has the main goal of bringing the culture, customs and curiosities of Seville to all the
public that wishes to access a cultural content about the civilizations and monumentality of the city.
That said, the entire tour will be done waking. Everyone can participate, and you’ll choose the price to pay.
At the end of the visit, please evaluate the effort and time your guide has dedicated to you by leaving a tip.

Our tour covers the most important monuments and sites of interest in the city.
Ideally to be done in you first day of holiday in order to have clues to plan the rest of your stay.
Duration: 1,5 - 2 hours
Starts from the hostel at 10.40am

Main sites covered:

  • San Francisco Square
    The starting point of the tour, surrounded by many beautiful buildings with different architectural styles
  • Cathedral & Giralda (Visit from outside)
    One of the biggest churches in the world, which also hosts the tomb of Cristopher Columbus and the most
    beautiful and highest tower in the city.
  • Alcazar Gardens (Visit from outside)
    The former arabic royal palace, the oldest royal palace still in use in Europe and the 5th most visited monument in Spain.
  • Archive of the Indias
    One of the most emblemathic palaces in the city, core of the commerces between Seville and the new world in 16th-18th century.
  • Tower of Gold
    An arabic tower which became the symbol of Seville’s bond with Americas.
  • Alfonso XIII Hotel (Visit from outside)
    The most luxurious hotel in the city, a stunning example of neo-mudejar architecture.
  • Old Tobacco Factory
    The first tobacco factory ever built in Europe and one of the biggest buildings in Spain today.
    Now a university built mainly in marble and stone, famous for being the place where the story of George Bizet’s Carmen, a very famous opera, was inspired.
  • Plaza de España
    The best comes at the end! One of the most impressive builings you’ll ever see in your life!
    An open-air enciclopedia for the history of Spain.
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We're looking for experienced bar staff with the following: 

Fluent Spanish and basic English 

Cooking experience desired but not mandatory

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Oasis Backpackers Palace is situated on Calle Almirante Ulloa named after Antonio de Ulloa, but who was this man? 

Born in Sevilla in 1716, he was a scientist and a sailor who embarqued on expeditions across the world throughout his whole life and is credited with discovering platinum. 

Find out more about his exiting life following this link: http://patrimoniodesevilla.es/quien-era-antonio-de-ulloa
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Calling all Game of Thrones fans! 

Did you know that two locations of the hit series were filmed in Sevilla? 

Alcázar de Sevilla - These were the Water Gardens of Dorne in the Dorne Kingdom, owned by Prince Dorian Martell. 

Anfiteatro de Itálica - These Roman ruins were known as the 'Dragonpit' in King's Landing. Most notably, three members of major houses had a historic meeting here to negotiate an alliance against the Army of the Dead. 

Walk in the footsteps of your favourite (or most hated) characters right here in Sevilla!
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