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Top 5 Cocktail bars in Seville

1In Sevilla, we drink. We drink to celebrate, drink to mourn, drink at lunch, drink at dinner. But sometimes all the cañas and tinto de verano can leave one wanting something more. In a city filled street to street with tapas bars and restaurants luring you in with smells and sights beyond your wildest dreams, it’s hard to know where is really best to visit. This is especially true when i comes to drinks.

So we have put together a list of our picks for the best spots to visit for a cocktail in our trademark style previously seen in Top 5 Cocktail bars in Malaga.

So let’s get into it! The Top 5 Cocktail Bars in Sevilla!

The Classy Choice - Premier Sherry & Cocktail Bar

Cocktail to try here - Something with sherry in it is a must. For your first at least.

If you’re looking for civilized, finely dressed Spanish barmen pouring sherry on a glass bar, this is your place.

With an extensive menu of fine cocktails, you really can’t go wrong with your choice of cocktail here.

The bar has a gorgeous unforgettable interior, with a bar made of bottles of alcohol. This is somewhere to wear your nice clothes for sure.

Check them out here

The Classic one - Le XIX

Cocktail to try here - Try the Daiquiri, trust us on this one

In this modern building, (a rarity for Sevilla) houses one of the coolest cocktail bars you could visit.

Wall to wall class and style, while still feeling chill, and relaxed, (by no means snooty) Sit with a friend or two, have a drink or 3. With gorgous cocktails garnished to the 9s. We can see this becoming one you tell your friends about. If you can refrain from posting it all over Instagram.

Check them out here

The Interesting one - The Second Room

Cocktail to try here - Mojitos or Caipirinhas

The Second Room, should be the first on your list. The more relaxed choice, while still feeling like a fancy outing.

With a plethora of delicious house cocktails, and classics too. Their Mojitos are often said to be the best in the whole city! Probably why they have a mojito happy hour too!

They also have a really cool decor that’s easy to get behind. (cool menus too)

Check them out here


The Rooftop one - Terraza Bar 17 - Hotel Doña Maria

Cocktail to try here - Bloody mary, don’t knock it till you try it!

The views alone are reason enough to visit this amazing bar! Located atop the Hotel Doña Maria facing the beautiful cathedral, you really can’t beat the placement of this bar.

But you’re here for the drinks too right? With a cool list of classic cocktails done perfectly, just go with your favourite and enjoy the atmosphere, there is almost always a good crowd to enjoy the sights with.

Check them out here


The Locals choice - 100 Cocktelitos

Cocktail to try here - The litre of Piña hits a spot you didn’t know you had. Make sure you have a ride home though.

Cien Cocktelitos, on the best street in Seville, La Alameda, this might just become your favourite spot in the city. With every cocktail coming in at 1 WHOLE LITRE, you’ll be spending a fair bit of time here for sure.

Are the cocktails gourmet, no. Are they cheap and packed with booze, yes. As well as this, the menu is absolutely enormous so go mad. It’s a sevillano rite of passage.

With 2 for one on deals on throughout the week be sure to pop by and check it out! especially if your wallet is feeling a little light.

Check them out here


There you have it again. Our picks for the best cocktails in Sevilla. One for everyone, we’re sure. Thinking of visiting Seville? Maybe we’ve persuaded you.

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